A shot from a recent studio night at Aperture Woolwich Photographic society

Friday, 25 January 2013

On The Brink

The recent transformation of Shooters Hill into Narnia spurred me into something photographers dont do nearly enough, shoot in your own backyard! I try and shoot locally at least once every turn of season to record the changing enviroment, but you cant beat taking pictures after, or even during, snowfall
The house above sits on the edge of the Shrewsbury Park Estate but here would look more at home nestled on an Alpine mountanside with the added bonus of that lovely wispy cloud.

At the top of my road is Shrewsbury Park, a haven for dog walkers as if Fido slips his lead its pretty tricky to run on to a main road. It always surprises me how little use this park gets, the occasional golfer having a practise and the even less occasional feral youth hacking around on a stolen scooter. When the snow falls there are throngs of sledders over at Oxleas Woods when there are normally only a handful here in comparison, even though the slope he is steep and fast , as my son's spectacular recent wipe-out and subsequent whiplash will attest! This is the pre wipe-out shot, post wipe-out withheld on request !
Shrewsbury Park along its right side boarders Shooters Hill Golf Club,  and to its left and rear mature woodland. Its crowning glory is the fantastic view towards North Kent however
view from the top⬆ and view from the bottom ⬇

If you exit the park via the entrance at the side of the golf course you will find yourself in the middle of the Shrewsbury park estate, a nice area of 1930's detached and semi detached house's and home to Shrewsbury House Community Center , which is home to numerous clubs and activities including Greenwich's only camera club - Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society of which I am vice chairman and programme secretary. There is also a really well run tennis club next to the golf club
You soon find yourself back out on Plum Lane which is home to the old fire station - seen here on the left, I found some more info about the Shooters Hill around me here and Im always available for guided tours !