A shot from a recent studio night at Aperture Woolwich Photographic society

Saturday, 3 September 2011


                       A wet Woolwich Common from the 486 bus

I have had my iPhone 4 for a little over a year now , and apart from its failings as an actual phone ! , its a great bit of kit for the keen photographer. It's often said that the best camera you can have is the one you have with you and with this philosophy in mind the iPhone has been very liberating as i normally shoot with a Canon 5D which takes a reasonable amount of know-how to wrangle a decent picture out of it , the iPhone is literally point and shoot. The standard camera on board is perfectly fine but once you start delving in to the wonderful world of photography 'Apps' things get seriously interesting.

One of the fisrt app's I purchased was Hipstamatic which is described in iTunes as "The Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past." You get a series of lenses and films for an endless combination of outcomes and its fun trying them out to see what you can turn out.
Self Portrait

                                            Autumn Leaves

Hipstamatic is a very good app , it gets your eye in and creative juices flowing and for several months was my app of choice. There are some more gimmicky app's like Tiny Planet which do weird and wonderful to landscapes.

To create something like this in photoshop would take me hours , this took literally seconds and is all done in the iPhone !

My current 'app du jour' is Slow Shutter and by some electronic alchemy can turn out 15 second long exposures in bright daylight perfectly - something without expensive ND filters on my 5D would be impossible . Im currently working on a series of 8 second exposures , see below so some examples. These shots have had very little external editing and are pretty much presented as they were captured by my iPhone

Plasma TV , 8 seconds

New Cross , southbound from the train , 8 seconds

                 Blackheath rainbow and car light trails , 8 seconds


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society workshop evening

I recently attended a photography workshop run by the Über talented pairing of Brooke Shaden and Miss Anelia

They teach both practical and digital techniques to make it appear that people can float or levitate in shots , and since I have grasped this concept I have decided to work on a series of shots along this theme. I have been buying some costumes and masks on eBay and am currently story-boarding some ideas.

On Tuesday 22nd feb I was asked to explain and demonstrate these techniques to my fellow members of Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society

The room we use is ideal , with wood paneled walls and oak floors for that spooky old haunted house look!  My daughter donned a very Victorian bridesmaid's dress that we got on ebay and spent the evening posing for members to take their shots in preparation to a follow-up digital workshop next week , when they will be shown some basic photoshop trickery to transform their images into something a little out of the ordinary by our resident Photoshop wizards Leigh and Marshall.