A shot from a recent studio night at Aperture Woolwich Photographic society

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Adventures with a £50 camera

Like most photographers with a decent camera and lenses I find myself turning into a bit of a camera snob. 
However , with the quality i can get out of my iPhone 4 and its various photography apps I have found myself using that a lot more than my 5D as it is always with me. 
I recently purchased a little Lumix DMC-FS14 after watching a frankly hilarious presentation about it on QVC. It cost a little over £50 and with the option of being able to return it with-in 30days for a full money back refund I thought what the heck. 

Some of the features on it are amazing ( face tracking and about 30 scene settings ) for the price but the proof is in the pudding - will it actually take a decent image. 

Certainly as used here on a bright spring morning I am pretty pleased with the results , the images here have minimum of no Photoshop. There is no noticeable shutter lag, something which normally plagues low end cameras, and all of these shots were taken in Intelligent Auto mode - literally point and shot at its most simple, so none of my immense photography knowledge were needed ;-)

The images are sharp with little fringing even when used with the optic zoom and im pleased with the detail in the macro mode.

So for something that you can carry all the time I think its a bargain and will try it in a variety of different conditions to see what its limitations are going to be